makes big moves into music for 2018

L-R: Head of Music & Lifestyle – Will “ill Will” Lavin; Head of Content – Evan Fanning


London, December 12th, 2017: has announced a major move into music, launching a number of brand new music-focused shows and appointing its first Head of Music & Lifestyle – Will “ill Will” Lavin.

Bringing a fresh approach to music coverage in 2018 – across video, live performances, audio, festivals and written word – JOE’s music strategy will take many forms, with an array of exciting shows already in development. The new music slate will include a host of unique video formats designed to showcase everything from unsigned artists to global superstars, live broadcasts from the summer festival circuit, and podcasts. Plans also include the launch of a new dedicated music hub on featuring exclusive interviews, gig and album reviews.

Launched in the UK in 2015, JOE has quickly built a social audience of over 10 million alongside which reaches over 6 million unique visitors a month. JOE has an unparalleled reputation for creating 100% original content, produced in its studios in the UK, across areas including sport, entertainment, politics and culture. Earlier this year, its parent company Maximum Media was ranked the fastest growing media company in Europe by the Financial Times.

New Head of Music and Lifestyle, ‘ill Will”, will lead the expansion, alongside JOE’s Head of Content, Evan Fanning and the wider creative team. With 15 years of experience in the music industry, Will has written for titles including, RWD, MOBO, Clash, METRO, Time Out and the International Business Times. Will is also a regular guest contributor on Sky News and BBC World News.

Will Lavin, Head of Music and Lifestyle:

“Having spent most of my career to date immersed in the music industry I’m hugely excited about using my experience to help JOE become a major player in that space. JOE has an incredible understanding of its huge audience, what makes them tick and how to engage them in the most revolutionary ways. They have a ‘colour outside the lines’ mentality and that couldn’t be more in tune with how so many artists and music fans think and communicate, and indeed how they like to be communicated to. I can’t wait to apply that thinking to the music concepts we have planned.”


Evan Fanning, Head of Content at JOE:

“Music is a major passion point for our audience. But we feel that, with a couple of notable exceptions, much of the music coverage in the market is a little bit stale. Time after time at JOE we have delivered innovative, fresh and exciting content, via podcasts, video and written word. With the expertise and creativity we now have at our disposal, aligned with our purpose-built podcast and digital video studios, we are uniquely placed to create ground-breaking, fresh music content that engages the masses of music fans across the UK.”

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